The Boston Tooling & Machining Association, Inc​​

​​Affiliate Chapter of The National Tooling & Machining Association

PO Box 95, Dracut MA 01826  978-457-5881

Principles of Business Conduct

Board of Directors
In pursuing the mission of our Association, the members subscribe to the following 10 principles of business conduct:

1.     Quote only realistic delivery promises, and meet all delivery dates unless the customer's delays or changes make it impractical

2.     Hold in confidence the designs and manufacturing procedures for special tooling and precision machining unless the customer                         releases the company from this obligation.

3.     Deliver special tooling and precision machining to the specifications and quality agreed upon.

4.     Base quotations on a full knowledge of costs and all elements affecting the performance of the job, realizing that without this                           knowledge a profitable business cannot exist.

5.     Refrain from misrepresenting the company's operations and capabilities, and from unduly influencing the placement of business.

6.     Avoid wrongfully discrediting the equipment, product, methods, personnel or credit standing of a competitor.

7.     Refrain from enticing away the employees of others through misleading advertising or otherwise.

8.     Accept responsibility for apprentice training to provide a reasonable number of skilled employees.

9.     Use fair purchasing methods in dealing with suppliers.

10.   Treat all employees equitably in all respects, including payment of fair wages and supplemental benefits, and maintenance of                            safe and sanitary working conditions.

Mission Statement